Events Calendar

Tuesday Night Paddles - Summer 2023

Meeting times will be at 7pm (unless stated otherwise).  There will be no changing facilities at these locations and the club trailer will not be brought due to parking and security issues. 

If you wish to hire a club boat and/or borrow PCC kit for any Tuesday club session, please contact us at least 2 days before to organise.

The 1st August has been left unplanned!  This is intentional to allow members to decide what they wish to do for this Tuesday sessions.  It’s up to you! Check the tides and the weather and decide what will be the best thing for the club to do.

HT Times are High Tide at Plymouth. For HT Dartmouth, add 25 mins (springs) or 15 mins (neaps). For HT Torquay add 45 mins (springs) or 25 mins (neaps). For HT Exmouth, add 50 mins (springs) or 30 mins (neaps).


2nd HT 16:12. Preston sea front to Paddle around the bay

9th HT 21:08: Preston sea front to Meadfoot via London Bridge and return.

16th HT 16:29. CHANGE OF LOCATION: Now Meeting Meadfoot. See Forum or your Email for details. Option of trip to London Bridge natural arch and /or go around Thatcher Rock, or possibly Orestone for longer boats.

23rd HT 20:59. Kingswear - paddle around Dartmouth and return to Kingswear. (direction of paddle depends on weather and group - eg explore the Dart downstream towards the sea, or upstream).  Meet Darthaven Marina car park, Kingswear. Launch from Waterhead Creek.

30th HT 15:03. BBQ Near Thatchers Rock. (new experimental trip) Meet Meadfoot, short paddle to a cove between the Orestone and Thatchers for a BBQ and return. Bring Food, Drink and BBQ supplies as well as warm clothes and lights.


6th HT 20:33. Stoke Gabriel to Bow Creek.  Meet at the River Shack, Stoke Gabriel. Bring money for drinks & snacks at Bow Creek, plus lights and a warm top for the return journey.

13th HT 14:41. BBQ at Silver Cove. Meet Youngs park road Goodrington, to Silver Cove for BBQ and Return. Bring lights, food and Kit for a BBQ.  Limited parking, experienced paddlers with longer boats can meet at Preston for a longer paddle.

20th HT 20:15. River Teign Litter Pick. Meet Newton Abbot Town Quay, Forde Road. Paddle up stream as far as we can and return, picking up litter. Bring plastic bags and gloves. Will need at least one open canoe (but preferably more) to use as a garbage barge and a few volunteers to help dispose of the rubbish collected.

27th HT 12:52. Rescue Practice Session. Meet Preston sea front to practice Rescues, towing and anything else. Dress to get wet!


4th HT 19:43. Kingswear To Dittisham. Meet Darthaven Marina carpark, Kingswear. Paddle upstream to Dittisham for Drink at Ferry Boat Inn (if its open) and return. Bring money for drinks and carpark.

11th HT 12:50. Preston to Institution Beach BBQ. Meet Preston sea front to paddle to Institution beach for a BBQ and return. Bring lights warm clothes and food and kit for BBQ.

18th HT 19:31. Totnes Paddle. Meet Steamer Quay car park

25th HT 23:05. Teignmouth split trip: (New Trip) Meet Teignmouth sea front Car park on the strand, by the lighthouse.  Advanced trip paddle rock hopping towards Babbacombe and return, crossing Teignmouth estuary mouth.  Intermediate trip towards Dawlish and Return


1st HT 18:44. Unplanned, for members to decide (it’s up to you!)

8th HT 23:36.  AS Watersports demo session: Meet AS Watersports Exeter Quay to try out demo boats and paddles.

15th HT 18:40. Stoke Gabriel Up stream and return.  Meet at the River Shack, Stoke Gabriel, paddle upstream and return.  Advanced paddle to be planned elsewhere.

22nd HT 21:41. Kingswear to Brixham. Meet at Brixham Breakwater car park at 6.30pm to organise shuttle to Kingswear, paddle to Brixham. A long committing 9 mile paddle for longer boats only. Bring lights for possible night finish

29th HT 17:39. Orestone paddle. Meet Meadfoot to paddle out and around the Orestone and/or Thatchers Rock and return.


5th HT 22:20. Teign Estuary: Meet Passage house Inn to paddle down-stream to Teignmouth and return for drinks in the pub 

12th HT 17:37. Kingswear To Dittisham. Meet Darthaven Marina carpark, Kingswear. Paddle upstream to Dittisham for Drink at Ferry Boat Inn (if its open) and return. Bring lights, warm clothes, money for drinks and carpark.

19th: Annual General Meeting. (no paddling) location to be arranged.

26th: River Rope work practice session (land based) Preston Green 


2nd: Monday Kit Clean and return:  Meet 7pm Paignton harbour for PCC kit clean and check.  All PCC boats and kit hired for summer to be returned for this.

3rd: Winter pool sessions start Torbay Leisure Centre Time TBC

In addition to the events listed on this page, please keep an eye on the forum and our facebook page to see what's on week to week.

All paddling trips and events are entirely weather dependent.  All Paddle sport has a certain risk to it. It is not and never will be 100% safe. Anyone attending any and all Paignton canoe club activities does so at their own risk.

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