Club Goals & Activities


  • Stimulate interest in kayaking locally.
  • Provide regular opportunities for its members to enjoy all aspects of this activity in a way that is safe and fun for all.
  • Encourage the interest in paddle sport in everyone.
  • Develop paddling skills; knowledge of kayaking and a safe, responsible, friendly and fun paddling practice and ethos amongst all its members.

Activities covered by the club include:

  • General kayaking/canoeing
  • Coaching kayaking
  • White water kayaking
  • Playboating
  • Surf kayaking
  • Canoe polo
  • Sea kayaking/touring
  • Trips
  • River touring
  • Swimming pool canoe practice
  • Canoe camping

The club calendar is split between 2 ‘seasons’: a summer season between May and September when we mostly spend our time on the sea and do trips and a winter season between October and April where we mostly go paddling indoors at clennon valley swimming pool and on the local rivers