Club Kit

Club equipment is tagged with yellow tape.

Pcc has the following kit stored on the club trailer:


  • 2x Dagger Axiom (small)
  • 3x Pyranha Acrobat 275
  • Big Dog Force 8.0
  • Dagger GTX
  • Perception Java
  • Pyranha Fusion
  • Pyranha G3
  • Perception Whip-it
  • Wavesport D75

and a selection of paddles.

And the following kit which is stored with committee / club members:


  • 3 x Canadian Canoes
  • Double Sea Kayak
  • Perception Expression 15 Touring kayak
  • Dagger Juice 7.1 playboat
  • Orca Sea Kayak
  • Topolino Duo (two person river kayak)
  • Mazzif Motion Surf Kayak

Buoyancy aids
Spray Decks

Books & DVDs

The club has a small collection of books and DVDs on paddle sports.  These can be borrowed (for free) by PCC members.  They are kept, by Jeremy, in the clear plastic box with the blue lid, feel free to check them out. (See photo opposite -> )

Hiring Club Kit for Tuesday club Nights

  • Boats can be hired for a Tuesday night club session for £2
  • Boat hire is subject to availability with those on a course having priority.  Then it will be a case of first come first served with priority given to members.
  • All other club kit is free to use for the session

 Winter Season club nights

  • We will endeavor to bring all club kit to all Tuesday pool sessions (excluding kit stated below).
  • Club sea Kayaks, double kayaks and the Canadian canoe will not be brought to the pool (except on special occasions) as they are too large.

Summer Season club nights

  • Due to parking difficulties the trailer will NOT be brought to most summer club sea sessions.
  • If you wish to hire club kit you will need to contact a committee member two days before a trip (at the latest) to organize.

Hiring Club kit to take Away (Pcc members only)

  • Boat hire is £5 per week.
  • Kit hire is subject to availability.
  • Club boats are only to be used in the environment for which they are designed (e.g no sea kayaks on white water). If you are not sure what would be the appropriate boats to take please ask us for advice.
  • Club boats are NOT to be used on the dart when the river level is through the third arch at Newbridge or on any other river in spate.
  • Members wishing to use club boats that are not stored on the trailer will need to arrange its use with the member who stores it (ask a committee member for more details)

Winter Season

  • Kit can be picked up and taken home at the end of Tuesday pool sessions.
  • Confirm with a committee member what kit you are taking; how much it will cost and when you will pay.
  • Club kit taken home must be returned CLEAN and intact to the NEXT TUESDAY club session by 9pm.

Summer Season

  • Contact a committee member to organize kit hire. When doing so please remember committee members are volunteers and have other full time jobs so please give us several days notice (at least) to organize.
  • Agree a return date and cost with a committee member on all kit taken home.
  • All club kit must be returned CLEAN by the start of the winter pool season (October)

Pcc members are responsible for any and all club kit that they use/take home.
Boats with removable components (e.g hip pads and foot rests) need to be returned with those components attached.
If any club kit is lost/damaged when a member has taken it away, then that member is responsible for recovering, replacing or repairing it.