Basic Paddling Advice

Winter is here & the whitewater season will be starting soon. We will be out in the cold & wet with much lower water temperatures, so kit is important.

For the new people on the river here's a brief kit list....

For On The River...

  • Swimming Trunks or Bathing Suit, Thermal Top or Thin Fleece (Nothing Cotton Please) Both worn under Wetsuit
  • Wetsuit Boots,
  • Cag (Make Sure You Do Any Neck Or Wrist Seals Up)
  • Buoyancy Aid*
  • Helmet*
  • Spraydeck*
  • Paddle*

Also a thermos with hot drink & pockets sized snack is nice to have. & Afterwards....

  • A Big Towel ( For Discreet Changing)
  • A piece of carpet or mat for changing on
  • Dry Clothes (Don't Forget Socks & Underwear)
  • Hat & Gloves
  • Waterproof Jacket (It Rains Sometimes)

Those items marked * can be borrowed from the club but only in advance! Just one last warning, our cars will be left for a long time & could always be a target for car crime.... Either leave everything behind that You would hate to loose or carry it in your boat.

The National Centre for Cold Water Safety website contains some really valuable advice about the dangers of cold water. We highly recommend a read: