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COVID-19 - Return to Paddling.

We are running a restricted paddling programme now (see below).  Each Tuesday evening we will arrange three separate paddles, each for a maximum of 6 paddlers (leader + 5 members).

All club paddles must comply with our COVID-19 rules - here.  By joining a club paddle, you are agreeing to abide by those rules.  Please note: in order to manage groups under these new restrictions, we need members to book on trips in advance, NOT turn up without a booking, stay together as a group while on the water and, most importantly, arrive punctually to be ready to paddle at the agreed time.

 If members want to organise 'peer' paddles during this time, they are welcome to use the club facebook page and forum to arrange these as normal as long as they adhere to these guidelines.  Rememer - no more than 6, paddle well within your ability level and maintain social distancing.  The lastest British Canoeing guidelines can be found as

Tuesday Night Paddles - Summer 2020

For all trips, please be changed and ready to launch by 7:15pm (unless stated otherwise).  There will be no changing facilities at these locations and the club trailer will not be brought due to parking and security issues. 

July 14th 2020
7th: Stoke Gabriel paddle:  Meet at the River shack Stoke Gabriel for a paddle on the Dart
14th: Youngs Park Road, Goodrington for general Paddle in the Bay (Plan to have a trial intermediate sea kayak training and practice session). Beginners’ course will be meeting at Paignton harbour.  PCC boats and kit being hired for the summer season to be picked up at the harbour 9.15pm after the beginners’ course has finished with them.

3rd: Stoke Gabriel to Bow Creek: Meet The River Shack by the Millpond, Stoke Gabriel, paddle upstream to Bow creek Pub for drinks and snacks and return.  Bring money, lights and warm clothes for the Pub
October 2019 to April 2020 - Return to the Pool and Annual Memberships Due. Start of the PCC 2020 Winter season, subs due, back in Torbay Leisure centre Pool for 9pm. 

In addition to the events listed on this page, please keep an eye on the forum and our facebook page to see what's on week to week.

All paddling trips and events are entirely weather dependent.  All Paddle sport has a certain risk to it. It is not and never will be 100% safe. Anyone attending any and all Paignton canoe club activities does so at their own risk. Pcc rules can be found at:

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