Useful Links

British Canoe Union
Canadian canoeing

BBC weather forecast
Met office ... ather.html
Dartmoor weather ... ionID=1173
BBC coastal information
Froward Point (near mouth of the Dart) weather station and web cam.
Dartmoor Postbridge weather station and webcam
Current and recent river levels can be seen at ... 20723.aspx

Tides (remember to add an hour to these times in British Summer Time)
Torquay -
Totnes -
Teignmouth (Shaldon Bridge) -
Online Tidal Steam Atlas -

Web cams
Paignton Preston Beach
SW South Coast ... achid=1270
SW North Coast
Berry Head

Other local clubs

Local Shops, giving club discount, usually ~10%

Other shops
15% (sometimes 20%) BCU member’s discount

The Paddler ezine. The international digital magazine for the recreational paddler.

Kayaking - skills & advice - dedicated to all things technique based in the world of surf kayaking - the sea kayaker's online handbook and reference - Good advice on choosing a kayak; the different design options and what effect they have. - Really valuable advice about the dangers of immersion in cold water. Highly recommended reading. - American blog so some recommendations not relevant but some useful safety info and tips

Water Safety videos
Cold water boot camp -
Cold water shock -
The breath that can kill -

And finally a link suggested to us by Amelia from a local youth library group who were using these links as part of a "fun educational project on canoeing and kayaking for a small group of 10-14 year olds". Ameila, one of the youngest in the group, suggested this link as it "includes a great breakdown on safety gear, checking local conditions and potential hazards, making and sharing a 'float plan', etc" - Thanks, Amelia.