Looking for the latest newsletter? They are now all in the forum here: Newsletters - PCC (  (for earlier ones, see links at foot of this page)

The club Newsletter is sent out to all club members via email in the first week of every month (if all goes to plan).  It’s written by club members for club members.

I Want to put something in the Next Newsletter
We encourage all members: old and new, from beginner to expert to contribute to the content of the newsletter.  Please email to anything you wish to put in the next newsletter, stuff like:

  • Any and all upcoming paddling courses/trips/talks/events inside or outside the club
  • Requests for help for upcoming events
  • Updates on current paddling conditions (access issues and trees blocking river routes etc)
  • Informative articles/funny stories on paddle sports you have seen, or wish to write yourself.
  • Advice on paddling/coaching /kit/knowledge (from beginner to expert)
  • Serious or funny write ups of trips/events/epics you have had (anything from that first trip out on the water to the life or death struggle for survival on that class five monster river/force ten seas)
  • Kit for sale
  • Anything else you can think off.  If you have something and think ‘should this go in the newsletter?’ the answer will almost always be yes!

The cut off date from now on for content for next month’s newsletter will be 28th of this month (but don’t worry if you miss it, we can always put it in the next months!) 

I am a paid up member but am not receiving the Newsletter
This may be because we don’t have your email address or the one we have is incorrect.  If you are a paid up member please email your details to to let us know you are not getting it and we will add you to the membership list.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the newsletters. If you don't already have it, it can be downloaded free of charge from here.

Here's the current Newsletter:

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May 2015  
April 2015  


All previous newsletters can still be found in our Newsletter Archive