Club Rules

Anyone attending any and all Paignton canoe club activities does so at their own risk. If you have a any physical or health conditions that you believe may affect you at any pcc event/trip please inform a committee member before taking part.

Children under 13 will need to be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian

Paddling outdoors:

  • Yes or No: Club trips will or will not go ahead at the discretion of the most experienced club paddlers present (usually a committee member) having taken into account the conditions of the water, weather and the abilities of the group on the day. All paddling trips and events are entirely weather dependent and because of this can be cancelled at any time up to the last minute.
  • Be Prepared: Have the appropriate kit for the trip and be sure that you have the necessary skills/stamina required to undertake it successfully (if you do not you will be recommended not to participate): See the latest news letter or speak to a committee member for more details on each trip.
  • Less than three there should never be:  If there are less than three club members in your group then it is not an official PCC group
  • Take care of each other: Everybody is responsible for the whole group’s safety, irrespective of paddling experience and qualifications.  Know how many people are paddling with you and make sure that everyone returns safely. Do not assume that everything is ok, make sure!
  • Get to know each other: viz: the limits and capabilities of everyone in your group,
  • Tell us if you leave: If you wish to separate from a PCC group, please make sure that the group leaders know you are going!  You will then be paddling as an individual.
  • Try not to be late:  But if you are late to a trip and the group has gone you are welcome to catch up but you do so entirely at your own risk and as an individual.

Paddling in the Swimming Pool:

  • All kit used in the pool needs to be clean before entering the pool.
  • Please be respectful and courteous to all other pool users.
  • NO SWIMMING.  (This does not include rescue practice or standing in the shallow end coaching).
  • The shallow end furthest from the changing rooms is often roped off for course purposes.  If you are not on the course please stay in the main section of the pool.
  • Playboating can be practiced in the deeper middle section of the pool only.
  • If the pool is busy we may have to limit numbers (around 30 kayakers): club members will be given priority of use over non-members (at the discretion of committee members). 
  • No professional coaching will be allowed in normal pool sessions without the prior approval of the committee.
  • Non-members may have 1 free 'taster' session, during which they will be considered 'honorary members' and after which they will be asked to join the club.
  • At the end of the session (before getting changed!) please take your kayak outside and return all club kit: club kayaks and paddles go back on the trailer and club BAs and helmets go back in the kit bags